Do you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver your purchases for you. Given the cost of fuel and labor, we do charge a nominal shipping fee.

Will your delivery person(s) remove my old mattress or furniture?

We will remove your old mattress at no additional cost, but we do charge a nominal fee to remove other furniture.

What types of custom furniture do you sell?

We can make any custom piece you may want. If you’ve seen something you like, bring us a photo of that piece and we’ll replicate it to the extent possible.

What if I see a product I like but want it in a different fabric than what you have on display?

Let’s talk about it. We offer a wide range of fabrics, not just what’s on our showroom floor.

If I see a display item I like in your showroom can I buy it today and take it with me


What brands do you carry?

Check out our Brands page. We sell only top-quality furniture, which makes us unique in this day and age.

Where is your custom solid wood furniture made?

It’s all handcrafted for us in Tennessee, and it all has a lifetime warranty.

What types of wood are available for custom furniture?

You can choose from five different finishes of maple and oak.

What’s the best way for me to describe or show you what I want in a custom piece?

If you have a picture, sketch or drawing of the item, bring it in and we’ll make every effort to replicate that piece.

Can I order a mattress in a custom size?

Yes, we offer custom-sized mattresses.

If our FAQ didn’t answer your question…

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