Brent & Debbie Gilbert

Brent & Debbie Gilbert

Gilbert and Sons Furniture has been providing quality, made in the U.S.A. home furnishing as well as CUSTOM-HAND CRAFTED OAK tables and chairs since 1977. Come in and see our showroom and talk to owners Debbie and Brent Gilbert. They’re here to help you!

Our business philosophy has remained constant since we opened the furniture business in 1977.

We offer quality, good prices, and service. When you offer those things, people will come.

The majority of the furniture we sell is American Made and believe if Americans don’t support each other, American Business will be gone in just a few years.

We offer a full line of household furniture, specializing in solid oak tables and chairs, hutches, end tables with Gilberts proprietary bar-top finish. Some of our oak chairs come from a local Mennonite farmer.

Gilbert and Sons Furniture has been a family owned business since the beginning and that’s the way is will stay. We have a strong Christian faith that is the cornerstone for the way we do bushiness.

Whether you are looking for an oak table or entertainment center, bedroom suite or new recliner, we will make sure you find what you want and will stand behind it!

We love to answer questions!